Bulk Fruit Pulps and Sauces

Bulk Fruit Pulps and Sauces

Lakeland has individualized recipes that meet customers’s specifications regarding texture, colour, fruit content and flavour to be used in the manufacture of yoghurts and ice cream as well as for smooth applications such as drinking yoghurt and flavoured milk. Lakeland has a variety of fruit pulps and syrups to choose from.

Yoghurt Fruit Pulps:

Strawberry  |  Cape Fruit  |  Granadilla  |  Mixed Berry  |  Apricot  |  Peach & Apricot  |  Pineapple  |  Blueberry  |  Apple & Cinnmon |


Smooth Yoghurt Syrups:

We have 13 different flavours to choose from in this range, should you wish to find out feel free to Contact Us

Strawberry   |  Tropical Fruit  |  Vanilla  |  English Toffee  |  Cape Fruit  |  Granadilla  |  Peach & Apricot  |  Caramel  |  Banana  |  Orange  | Pineapple  |  Black Cherry  |  Chocolate